Privacy vs. Semi-privacy vs. Picket

The style of fence you choose can be determined by several key factors.  Keep in mind: location.  Is your fence trying to block out certain activities or keep pets inside? If so, you may consider the option of a “privacy fence”.  Privacy fences can be 5′-0″ or 6′-0″ in height and traditionally are single-sided.  Accelerated Green Works builds all of its 5′-0″ and 6′-0″ fences with a third rail to increase their integrity.  Keep in mind: weather.  In areas subject to as much intense wind as the Red River Valley (and other parts of Minnesota and the Dakotas), privacy fences are highly prone to collapsing if they do not have an adequate support structure.  “Semi-private” fences are often of equal height and mostly built of cedar with a shadow-box effect or vinyl with a lattice pattern built into the upper portions of each panel.  Keep in mind: style.  Picket fences are much lighter duty and more of decorative quality than either the private or  semi-private fence.  They aren’t necessarily meant to keep larger pets or children in, but they may deter traffic and help define property boundaries.



Cedar fencing is a popular choice in the Red River Valley.  With our strong winds and harsh climate, the sturdy material holds up well.  If left untreated, cedar will fade over time and reflect a worn and weathered look.  Some people prefer this while others stain the wood (several varieties and colors are available) to keep it looking new and fresh longer.  The downfall to cedar in this climate is, if left untreated, the posts tend to rot out over time and full sections can easily fail if the wind is right.



Vinyl fencing products are becoming a go-to choice for their “maintenance free” qualities.  This material is also some of the most expensive as an initial installation cost, but this should be weighed against the cost to maintain and replace any of the other products listed in this section.  Our vinyl fence products come with Limited Lifetime Warranty from the supplier.  We require our customers to request, sign and return a receipt from the supplier to validate warranty.


By the nature of the material, vinyl fencing is built with much “flex” when compared to any wood (i.e. cedar or green-treated).  Because of this quality, in the Dakotas and parts of Minnesota, it is crucial to have aluminum inserts installed in gate, corner posts and potentially all line posts if the customer’s lot is subject to direct high winds, such as an adjacent open field, parking lot or other large expanse.  Panels may occasionally fail if wind gusts exceed 40 MPH, but most often these can be easily reassembled with little damage to any of the parts.  (Oftentimes in any other fence, the post becomes the point of failure because it receives the majority of the pressure, which makes it expensive to remove and replace.)  Since the vinyl has enough give, most often it is the cross beams that fail or crack before a post (especially one with an aluminum insert reinforcing it) and the pickets mostly remain intact.



Green-treated fencing is very similar to cedar fencing in terms of maintenance and wear-and-tear.  This fencing solution is much less expensive than cedar because the material costs are much lower, but installation length and process remains essentially the same.


Chain Link

Chain link fencing is a budget-friendly option that is common when used for pet containment at residential properties.  Homeowners traditionally request their entire backyard be fenced (especially for larger pets) in at least a 4′-0″ high chain link and kennel solutions are commonly between 6′-0″ to 8′-0″ tall.  Heavier gauge chain link is available for insured longevity or commercial applications.  Chain link can be used as additional security when installed at greater heights and combined with a barbed wire deterrent.  Tensioner rods / cable can be used along the lower run of the fence to increase stability and detainment properties.  Vinyl inserts (in a variety of color options) are available to create better privacy or shield open views of equipment and materials in a stock yard.  The chain link itself can be a galvanized finish or vinyl wrapped (also in a wide variety of colors).



There are a wide variety of gate styles and widths available with each of the products listed above.  To choose the best gate for your application, ask your contractor to assess its (1) location, (2) width with adequate accommodations for equipment (3) associated fence style and (4) your security needs before you make any determinations.


Invisible Dog Fence

Is your backyard already fairly compact? Are you afraid that a fence will just close you in further and add to the claustrophobia? Invisible dog fence can be a good option for those who want a cost effective way to keep Fido in and still let you see out.


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Our staff has developed a nifty Project Planning Guide for your reference if you want to start doing a little research of your own before you hire a professional contractor to get the job done for you. We welcome any thoughts, comments or questions from our fans! Let us know if you have any other tips and tricks you’d recommend for someone looking for services.

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