Perhaps the most basic and least expensive of decks is the green-treated platform, decking and railing.  All of our decks (including cedar and maintenance-free) are built with a green-treated structure.  These materials help the deck withstand the test of weather and time that our climate will make it endure.  From heatwave to subzero temperatures…green-treated lumber will help your deck stay strong and true.



Cedar decking is the next step up from the basic green-treated platform and railing.  Cedar materials are notorious for the staining maintenance that is required to keep the material looking sharp and staying strong through changing wet and dry conditions.

Q: How often should I stain my deck? 

A: We recommend staining every two to three years (but this can vary based on owner preference and/or budget).



You have to be careful when selecting your next “maintenance-free” upgrade.  There are materials on the market that have advanced greatly in the past years…while others have mastered the art of “copying”.  Certain products, while they may, boast to be durable and easy on maintenance, are actually struggling to sustain color and quality over a ten or more year period.  We can offer you a variety of selection along with a contractor’s insight into how the materials will hold up their “maintenance-free” description.


Need railing for your deck? Traditionally, decks greater than 30″ from the surrounding grade are required to have some form of railing or barrier surrounding them for safety of the deck user.  We’d highly recommend an aluminum product for a number of reasons: (1) it is slender and discreet, (2) it is highly durable, and (3) it comes in a wide variety of color options.


Custom Pergola

A pergola (or arbor feature) can be a great addition to any deck or patio system.  Who wants to sit on the deck when it is 90+ degrees with no relief from the intense afternoon sun? Your new pergola structure can offer shade and increase your use of the deck or patio at all times of day.


Q: What is an arbor feature? 

A: Arbors are a partial pergola system that traditionally have two or more posts aligned in a linear fashion and built with a decorative top.  When a customer does not want a formal pergola feature (for budget, aesthetic or other reasons), arbors can be a great way to obtain some limited shade and also increase privacy between neighbors.  Arbors can be used in combination with outdoor shades to better provide that privacy.


Pergolas and arbors can be built using green-treated, cedar or maintenance-free materials (depending on a customer’s budget and aesthetic preference).


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Try this online tool “Trex Deck Designer” to design your own Trex deck and we can install it for you!

Whether it’s a traditional cedar deck and railing, or a maintenance free platform with an aluminum surround, AGW crews have and will install whatever you desire.  Our crews include many students and graduates of the NDSU Engineering programs.  Their experience, know-how and aspirations make them the perfect choice for completing your deck, steps, platform, or pergola project.


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Our staff has developed a nifty Project Planning Guide for your reference if you want to start doing a little research of your own before you hire a professional contractor to get the job done for you. We welcome any thoughts, comments or questions from our fans! Let us know if you have any other tips and tricks you’d recommend for someone looking for services.

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